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About the Course

Too often, professionals waste valuable time with trial and error, trying to master the know-how to navigate the state and local government market. This course quickly takes you from “zero to sixty,” providing what you need to successfully work with the public sector.

After more than two decades of helping industry partners create strong and successful partnerships with state and local government, the Center for Digital Government (CDG) has distilled its experience into a 12-part certification course. Led by CDG’s market experts and former public-sector practitioners, this program provides you with the knowledge to reach new levels of sales success and make a positive impact with your government customers.

Mission accomplished! I’m proud to share that I just completed the Center for Digital Government’s state and local government certification course. I couldn’t be more prepared to help my government partners succeed."
– Public Sector Sales Director

This certification provides the foundational knowledge to move meetings beyond a civics lesson and towards working together to solve real problems."
– Steve Nichols, CTO, State of Georgia

This program provides the foundation of knowledge that sales professionals need to engage with us — what takes people from calls and fast pitches to trusted partners who know how to consistently win government work."
– Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of San Jose, CA

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Get the knowledge you need to be successful in the state and local market.

Introduction to State and Local Government

With more than 90,000 jurisdictions, the state and local government market is vast and complex. This introduction to the market provides an in-depth overview of the $118 billion state and local government technology market and how it ranks within the entire U.S. market. This module includes a breakdown by key public-sector market segment — including opportunities and drivers — and the top issues influencing 2021 spending.

Funding and Budget Process

The budgeting and funding process for the state and local government market can be confusing, even to the seasoned veteran. This module provides what sales and marketing professionals need to know about how states and localities budget for and fund projects.

Timing and Seasonality

The planning and buying cycles for state and local agencies have a consistency which helps sales and marketing professionals synchronize their activities to the market. This module will cover the state and local government buying cycle and the critical differences from selling to the private sector

The Buyer’s Journey

Understanding the buying roles and personas for state and local agencies is an important part of building a successful sales and marketing program. This module will help you understand the various state and local purchasing influencers and the unique roles they play in the purchasing process.

Pre-Sales Intelligence

Pre-sales intelligence has won many a deal! In this module, we will outline a framework to easily collect essential elements to build a profile of a target customer. Due to the transparent nature of the public sector, much of this is easy to source and can give a big boost to your success rate.


Procurement organizations, and the work they do, are an important part of how governments buy any product or service. In this module, you will learn about the numerous methods of procurement, how to research existing contracts and the importance of government master contracts in the buying process.

Purchasing Rules and Regulations

Purchasing encompasses the state and local government process that leads to the acquisition of any product or service. Purchasing can be done as part of the procurement process or as a separate activity not aligned to traditional procurement efforts as outlined in the procurement module. Through this module, you will gain an understanding of state and local government rules and regulations that impact procurement and purchasing processes.

Building Trust

In any business relationship, trust is an important factor. To be successful in selling to state and local government, you must establish and maintain trust with a variety of stakeholders, from business executives to CIOs and elected officials to procurement officers. In this module, we will share a variety of examples of how to build trust and credibility, as well as examples of how you can inadvertently create distrust or otherwise damage your credibility. From how you meet with leaders to how you solve implementation problems, building trust and credibility along the way will lead to greater success and allow you to grow your state and local government business.

Leveraging the Channel

In the tech industry, the distribution channel from manufacturer to end user is often referred to as “the channel.” Most IT goods and services bought by government organizations flow through the channel via one or more channel partners. In this module, we will help you understand channel sales, including what channel sales are, what organizations are in the channel, the benefits of a channel strategy, factors to consider when making the decision to be part of the channel, identifying the right type of channel partner, and building effective and successful channel partner relationships that will allow you to grow your state and local government business.

Ethics and Doing Business With Government

Personal and professional ethics are an important part of society and guide our daily interactions with family, friends, co-workers and clients. A lack of personal or professional ethics has been shown to be a fast way to lose a good job or tarnish the reputation of your organization. In this module, we will cover foundational concepts of ethics, basic rules to guide your actions (including gifts and the use of lobbyists), where to find the important ethics laws and rules that govern any jurisdiction, and why it is important to take the high road.

Tech Close-up: Secure and Resilient Government

As government organizations increasingly rely on information technology systems, the importance of cybersecurity also increases. In this module, you will learn about the role that cybersecurity plays in modern government. You will also gain an understanding of the various roles involved in implementing cybersecurity practices, the threats that government organizations are facing, the economic impact of cyber attacks, the role of the information security officer and how to engage with their organization.

Tech Close-up: State of Broadband

Broadband in government has two major focuses: providing connectivity to all parts of the country, and ensuring connectivity that allows government organizations to run their internal systems and the vast array of external systems that are an integral part of modern society. In this module, you will gain an understanding of both areas of focus, the people involved and how to help government implement the connectivity solutions that are so vital to our nation.


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Meet the Experts

Our lineup of market experts and former public-sector practitioners have come together
to share over 35 years of collective experience in the government market.

Cathilea Robinett

CEO, e.Republic

Alan Cox

EVP, e.Republic

Joe Morris

Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic

Dustin Haisler

Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic

Teri Takai

Vice President, e.Republic

Phil Bertolini

Vice President, e.Republic

Carlos Ramos

Former CIO, State of California

Karen Robinson

Former CIO, State of Texas

Sergio Paneque

Former Chief Procurement Officer, State of New York

Deborah Snyder

Former CISO, State of New York

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